Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Maurizio Bianchi (MB) ‎– "Mörder Tape" (Maurizio Bianchi Self-released C-60) 1980

30minutes of hearing your cassette tape of 'The Forbidden Planet' Soundtrack being chewed up by the tape machine heads. Followed by another 30 minutes of listening to your vintage Fax machine receiving the worlds longest Fax.
A full and robust realisation of Bianchi's concept of, and I quote..."(to)produce technological sounds to work for a full awareness of modern decadence".
How decadant is that?
This is why he dresses like an off duty Postman posing for the menswear section in Kays Catalogue. It could be worse, he might have posed for the underwear section!
Mmmmmm,thats nice.....I'll take three pairs of those casual slacks please....... Trendy Italiano Bianchi relaxing after a hard mornings tape abuse........sometimes he works for half an hour, and then,sometimes, another half an hour......its a hard life being an artist y'know!


Side A
Mörder 1 part 1
Mörder1 part 2

Side B
Mörder 2

DOWNLOAD now...that's a morder!


Vladimir said...

Thanks for all the MB!

Anonymous said...

He lived with his mother when recording all of these - and, by the look of it, she bought his clothes too. "Mama mia, Maurizio...what's all the noise-a?"