Saturday, 21 March 2015

Minóy\Zannóy ‎– "The Decline Of The American Orgasm" (ZH27 ‎– 180) 1989

Based largely on a field recording of someone hammering on some wood,or nailing some wood,or whatever hammer/nail/wood scenario you can imagine, that alludes to uninspiring sexual activity. All this set inside some rush hour underpass.......I said Underpass not under-pants you filthy little monkey. The very act of a car or bus entering a tunnel conjures the most unpleasant pornographic imagery,that it could lead to the decline of most sane peoples libido.
The constant wooosh of traffic through the underpants/underpass could be symbolic of promiscuity among our over-liberated generation.That and the odd submerged animal noise makes this single sided C-60 the avant garde version of Spinal Tap's "Sex farm".
The Hammering could also represent the sound of a black-mailed civil servant building the coffin of a murdered and sodomised orphan. A victim of a British parliamentarian,colluded and encouraged by high ranking police officers and members of the royal family(or Royal family's members?).
Be careful what you say and do,for you too may find Kiddie porn appearing mysteriously on your hard drive,and these very same 'Policemen',knocking on your door,saying; "we have reason to believe that you may have downloaded some illegal material of a sexual nature sir".You'll either end up in prison or working for MI6,or even worse Mossad. 


1 - The Decline Of The American Orgasm (30.45)

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Veronika said...

well damn!

Petty Vendetta said...

you mad bastard

Jonny Zchivago said...

In what sense of the word 'mad' are you alluding? Mad as in angry, or mad as in MAD/insane. To which I will reply ,yes unfortunately I am Angry.....can't help it! Insane,dunno, its an objective definition of someone who has different world view....don't think I fit in that category.My world view is pretty bog standard Nihilism.Boringgggg!

kevinass said...

these are all great. thanks a're wrong spelling