Monday, 23 March 2015

Minóy\Zannóy - "Fractured Lingere Break You Ears" (Zidsic 995) 1988

How many times have you cried out in pain, "HELP I'VE GOT FRACTURED LINGERIE IN MY EARS", which ultimately lead to your ears becoming broken?
Don't be afraid,because the word in the title is 'Lingere',not 'Lingerie', so you don't have to be too afraid of some torn and dirty underpants,crotchless panties, or 'peek-a-boo' bras coming to break your aural receptors. Instead, we have more reverberated scraping in a tunnel,accompanied by failing  jet engines ,and braking railway engines to break(brake) your ears instead.
Another classic sonic abstraction by the dream team of Outsider-Garde DIY, Hoffman and Bowsza.


1- "Fractured Lingere Break Your Ears" (31.09)

DOWNLOAD and rip your underpants with excitement HERE!


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