Monday, 16 March 2015

Minóy ‎– "The Conditions Of Post Modern Male Bonding" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 214) 1986

One of Zan Hoffman's frequent collaborators was the legendary Minóy,who I notice had sound sources contributed to a Zanmerz tape or two. There are many Minóy cassettes to be heard,quite a few on this site(check them out here).
His trademarks are saturated tape to tape collages of mostly non-musical sound sources,mixed up with a lot of his favourite Radio Shack reverb effects,This creates a dense fog of fuzzy noise that shifts and undulates to create something otherworldly and barely in control by its creator.
Side 1 shifts from recreating the ambiance of an underground V2 testing bunker network,during a test;to the sound of the heavy bombers coming to bomb it.
Side 2 is a clash of some hellish railway station tannoy battling with bustling commuters and a near-by marching band pageant. Melting together  like Auchwitz bound cattletrucks accompanied by the Treblinka jewish orchestra.
I just can't stop making world war two references!......but so what,I enjoy it.I find there's an analogy for all areas of life in both War and Football (soccer if you're american).And the former applies to this Minóy release;although as a Leicester City fan this could easily be the soundtrack to our season with its elements of foggy self-destruction,but definitely a tape of two halves.
(note- on side 1,i appear to have recorded an evil microsoft windows 'boing' sound while i was ripping the tape! For this i apologise profusely,although it does seem to fit in with the general concept. At least that's the excuse i'm giving for not ripping it again.Sitting around for 60 minutes while it rips in real time ain't too stimulating!)


Side A- The Conditions Of Post Modern Male Bonding (30:00)
Side B- Dusty Antagonist Awake On The White Steps Of Late Afternoon (28:16)
DOWNLOAD some post modern male bonding conditions HERE!


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