Sunday, 8 March 2015

Merz ‎– "Meditacion" (IEP ‎– IEP 10) 1985

More from the twisted tape machine of Luis Mesa,aka Merz. There are times when this cassette sounds like its being chewed up by the tape player.Just as you reach for the pencil to rewind the creased and mangled tape from the pinchers, you realise...."No,it's meant to sound like this!".
You can't do this with digital recorders,there's nothing to touch,and any tape simulators can't match the smooth curves of the analogue sine wave.Its strictly square waves,steps and blocks; which has its uses, but is basically shit for real time manipulation,knob twiddling and general mucking about.
Basically excellent minimal sound source fuck-upery from the Iberian peninsula.


A1 Tentaciones
A2 Voz
A3 Una Confesion
A4 El Sur
A5 La Otra Babilonia
B1 Moral
B2 Vida Interior
B3 Inunda Mi Ser
B4 Martires
B5 El Estado Alfa

DOWNLOAD some noise for meditation HERE!


Carlo said...

Thank you.
Excellent release.

paulo said...

great tape. thx for the upload. didn't he released a few things under the name bercomize? can't find much info. the spanish people are a bit vague about it.. anyway, thx for this one and the other luis mesa tapes

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yep, he had several alias,one of which was Bercomize. Merzan/zanmerz was him and Zan Hoffman, and another one, Recursos Ajenos.