Saturday, 14 March 2015

Merzan / Zanmerz ‎– "First Affaire" (ZH27 ‎– 074) 1991

This, predictably, is Zan Hoffman and Luis Mesa's first mail collaboration. The usual noisy droney vortex of tarnsformed sound sources,that fit snuggly into the "Other" category. Zan's the man,mixing humour and a great sense of image with the avant garde.....and because of this remains roundly ignored,despite releasing around 1200 albums.Founder of the adage,"if you throw enough mud at the wall none of it will stick".....I made that one up,but very applicable to Zan,and probably Luis Mesa too.The difference is Zan Hoffman isn't giving up,and Mesa has disappeared.


A1 A Letter To L.M.
A2 Climax
A3 Black Dream
B1 Rumor De Registro Secreto
B2 Religiones Blanco

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