Monday, 9 March 2015

Merz – "Sonido Directo Nº 1" (Self Released) 1985

Sonido Directo No.1, more manifestations of the information overload techno-hell that this tape predicts for our present, and Luis Mesa's past future. The thing is with our information ,not so, super highway,is; there's is now so much conflicting information available at any one moment, that state secrets can be aired publicly, worldwide, and nobody could possibly believe it because the anti-viewpoint, the anti-fact, has already been put out there. So in effect the naked truth is cancelled out. Truth and anti-truth,lie and anti-lie conveniently annihilate each other,paving the way for a stealthy acquisition of world control,and nobody will believe it has happened. The more in your face the untruth is the bigger the truth that can be made to appear as lies.....The big lie as Hitler called it. The best example of this, post Reichstag fire,is obviously 9/11, and more recently the Ukraine situation.......does anyone really know what is going on there? No,and that's exactly what they want,conflicting information from a conflict zone in the information age;and we in fact know nothing!
Yes, this is another great cassette from Merz........or am I lying ?


A1 Babilonia
A2 Direktionrecht
A3 Summun Lus, Summa Iniuria
A4 Plata
B1 Muerte Y Gloria
B2 El Sistema Mata
B3 La Columna
B4 La Cólera


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Gluzd said...

Your Golden Words

Carlo said...

Thank you, as always.

the saucer people said...

While the Ukraine may be an information quagmire, I think the clues lie in the following:

1) the five billion pumped into the country by the USA in the last few years to 'influence opinion'.

2) the western media's portrayal of reactionary neo-nazi 'Euromaidan' thugs as freedom loving democrats (just don't mention their Stepan Bandera posters)

3) the kind of deranged propaganda towards Russia that I have not heard since I was a teenager in the early eighties to the extent that you would have thought that the intervening twenty years between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union had never happened.

In short, they say potato, I say pow-tar-toe - They call it the Euromaidan Revolution or Revolution of Dignity - I call it a western backed coup d'etat.

Now back to the music....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Coup d'Etat ,yes. Nazi's, yes. Russia's innocence, doubt it. I watch RT regularly, but the endless Propaganda in the news sections have turned me off,and points to Russia's clandestine landgrab motives.(I wonder if they want Chernobyl back?)
That said it all looks similar to previous wars,where both sides have been suddenly motivated by a manipulative third party, who's motive for doing so is financial.A bit of depopulation,and the collapse of Russia into a larger economic zone, is very desirable to them. I won't say who I think 'They' are,i'm sick of mentioning their name.