Monday 30 December 2013

M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) - "NH/HN" - (Grafika Airlines Cassette GRA5 ) 1981

Bianchi recreates the demolition of a Nuclear Power plant in Electronic sound. The failing Hum of generators serenaded by the pulse of pneumatic jackhammers echoing through the crumbling chambers of Chernobyl's reactor B.Encase this C-60 in concrete and it'll drill its own way out to freedom to spread its healing radiation in your direction.
Music for technophobes and Luddites alike.
(Released on the Belgian Grafika Airlines Label in 1981.)


Neuro Habitat 30:25
Humus Nucléaire 30:56

DOWNLOAD this electronic jackhammer HERE!

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carlomante said...

This is not "NH/HN" tape but "N H [Nevro / Hydra]" []
All the best.