Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Doof - " Exist " (Namedrop Records NR1 ) 10" EP ,1981

Phillip Johnson, who regularly appeared on Deleted records compilations, and released several c-90's during 79-80, is the man behind Doof! He and Paul Platypus ( of DIY supergroup The Reflections), created this audio mumble, that must have been recorded under a duvet or something equally acoustically deadening. That something as dysfunctional as this ever made it onto ten inch vinyl is as much a miracle as the sub-genius that is contained within these grooves.This record has the logic of Dreams, and that is a quality which David Lynch and the like spend millions of dollars,and years of thought to achieve......Doof could shit surrealism in their lunch hour, and Dada is just their father.Nothing extraordinary for Doof.......who the hell were they anyway.........i'm glad i dont know.
(check out the excellent booklet that came with this great record too; now available below in a thoroughly modern PDF stylee )

1- Brighton pt.1
2- Nine Years old
3- Brighton pt.2
4- On it In it.
5- Treat Me Like (the man I am)

DOWNLOAD the original and remastered versions HERE!
DOWNLOAD the accompanying "exist"booklet HERE!


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