Monday, 30 December 2013

M.B. ( Maurizio Bianchi ) - " Symphony For a Genocide " - ( Broken Flag Cassette BF 18A) 1983

(Originally Posted on  Friday, 8 June 2012):

On the day the millionaire intellectual giants of the England And German football teams tour Auschwitz watched by the worlds media. I thought it fitting to post the 1980's Industrial noise classic 'Symphony for a Genocide'.
Knowing the brain power of some of the England team, they probably think 'Snooker loopy' by Chas and Dave is about genocide!?......(in case Wayne Rooney is reading this; genocide is when some naughty men systematically kill lots and lots of people.)
It's even doubtful that these overpaid, self-important dumb-asses have even heard of World War Two,and think that Hitler was a fictional character from them DVD films; a bit like Blofeld from James Bond, who they think are real historical figures!
We could really do with the French team going as well, as France seems to have a real bad case of Holocaust denial, and a shit load of complicity issues to deal with.

 Altogether a sonically accurate portrayal of industrialised mass murder, totally lacking in the sentimentality and emotional pornography that usually accompanies the subject.


A- Treblinka, Auchwitz,Maidanek,Auchwitz (Reprise) (23:25)
B- Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor. (22:57)

DOWNLOAD the mediafire from a mass cremation HERE!


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