Sunday, 29 December 2013

M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) - "Atomique Tape" - (Self-Released Cassette 02) 1980

Very early self-released tape from the prolific Maurizio Bianchi from 1980.
More scraping, buzzing, tape manipulation, looping, circuit bending, musique concrete, in an Industrial stylee.
Recorded with that classic Ferric Oxide underwater effect on a classic BASF LH60......what more could a young lady want?


Untitled (6:47)

Untitled (3:31)

Untitled (3:40)

Untitled (17:04)

Untitled (5:34)

Untitled (6:24)

Untitled (13:32)

Untitled (5:26)

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Philip Johnson said...

That picture looks very like a copy of that cassette I owned years ago...??!! Or maybe MB made a habit of trying to remove the manufacturers' labels.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Philip,good to see that you've found the new site. Year Zero was wiped too,but will reappear in the new year.
It probably was your tape, there were so few of these about that it very probably is.

tsanakas said...

Me and Maurizio Bianchi exchanged some letters during the early seventies (someone could see them in my book on electronic minimalism "DreamMakers/Oneiropoioi- futura editions). I think Bianchi is one of the GODFATHERS of the proto-industrial and psych-electronic-noise realms. And, along with CONRAD SCHNITZLER, one of my favourite underground artists/heroes. Is there anyone to sell me METCPYO BOX?
Christos T.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Plugging your book eh? What a nerve!
looks good,do you want an advert on here,like the minoy book? No probs, just provide a link and consider it done.

Yes, i quite fancy putting some Kluster (with a K) on here,as I reckon they were the very first Industrial band.What say you Christos?

tsanakas said...

Yes, thank you...
Unfortunately my book is written in Greek language. But has rare photos... and a nice diy-private-avant discography too (a follower to my book on Xenakis). Anyways, my facebook page is over there (I do not want any special ad, just a communication with my old DIY-SYNTH heroes, because I am also a producer/artistic director of the small independent record company Musicbazz):

Greetings from Athens/Greece.