Sunday, 29 December 2013

Mauthausen Orchestra - "Murderfuck" (Aquilifer Sodality – 1AE 14020 ) 1983

Another cassette that sounds like a badly tuned radio fed through a marshall stack from Pierpaolo Zoppo's Mauthausen project.
Side A sounds like various jet aircraft, percussion drills, and closely miked escaping gas from a nuclear cooling system.
Side B sounds like a wobbly recording of the bridge of the USS Enterprise as it is consumed by a black hole; rather like the black hole on the cover of this C-45 cassette insert.....insert!....Geddit? Hahaha.
Ooooh these Italians are mucky buggers.

Track Listing:

Side A : Untitled (22:02)
Side B : Untitled (20:12)