Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Various Artists ‎– "Cold Waves Of Color (1981-85)" (Color Disc ‎– COLOR LP 01) 2014

A recent series of compilations of UK electronic cold wave and minimal synth from the legendary Color tapes label. Featuring many previously neo-psych bands, mostly including DIY legend Gary Ramon as a member. All of these tracks were previously only available on cassette, either/or previously unreleased. They could have been recorded yesterday such is the quality and future leaning inventiveness of all of these tracks.


1 –Berserk In A Hayfield - Tease
2 –Modern Art - Alternative Universe (Edit)
3 –Lives Of Angels - Lives Of Angels
4 –The Lord - Winds Of Space
5 –Berserk In A Hayfield - Code
6 –WeR7 - Don't Surrender
7 –Mystery Plane - Pigsty Cafe
8 –Stereo Machines And Kinesis - Excerpt From Cassette Number 10
9 –WeR7 - Volt Air
10 –The Lord - Space Is The Bass
11 –Disintegrators - Beyond Reason Beyond Time
12 –Lives Of Angels - Threatened
13 –Modern Art - Age Of Lights (Instrumental Version)


Zopo Eighties Reünie said...

Excellent stuff.

Background Information said...

Wow! Thanks for this gem. As usually filling up the ol' hard drive with un-regular audio petrol for the curious ears!

W. said...

Color Disc used to be one of my favorite labels and it's great to hear these again. Thanks for posting.