Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Oppenheimer Analysis ‎– "New Mexico" (Andie Oppenheimer Self-released) ‎– 1982

First came The Silver Apples, then Suicide,which gave us Soft Cell followed in the UK by a stampede of synth and singer duo's; the singer invariably being androgynous in appearence and behaviour.
One of the superior versions of this template being Oppenheimer Analysis, fronted by the very female voiced Andie Oppenheimer.
The analogue perfection of the synths on this tape is quite something to behold.Best heard on the classic Minimal Wave hit "Devils Dancers".
What's Andie doing now?....are you ready for this?....Andy Oppenheimer AIExpE MIABTI is a UK-based expert and consultant in counter-terrorism and CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear weapons and explosives)......crikey!?....and you thought he'd be on benefits somewhere near Southend on sea?
Apparently he's no relation to the father of the A-Bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer.....but having compared the photo's I suspect he is.
If only J. Robert had spent his time making androgynous minimal synth pop maybe the world would be a safer place?.....probably not?If the two Oppenheimers had swapped places we'd be living in a Nazi super state now, and we wouldn't have ever heard "Devils Dancers"!....if that isn't an argument for Nuclear Weapons I don't know what is.....I'm sure Andy has his views on the subject,especially as he's an expert in such matters?


1 Don't Be Seen With Me 3:16
2 Scorpions 2:43
3 Radiance 4:45
4 Men In White Coats 5:04
5 Modern Wonder 5:04
6 Subterranean Desire 4:17
7 Martyr 5:05
8 The Devil's Dancers 3:07
9 New Mexico 7:53
10 Security Risk 3:11
11 Behind The Shades 6:15
12 Cold War 5:43


Anonymous said...

Mediafire says:
Permission Denied.
"The Devil's Dancers" by Oppenheimer Analysis may be available for download from Amazon.
It's sad!

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me Jonny! The music on this classic release is great but your commentary is always just as entertaining. Thanks so much for continuing to do your thing. It's much appreciated.

Jonny Zchivago said...

As always with mediafire you have to will eventually allow you to download the file.

Albrecht Koschnik said...

I am floored! Just astonishingly good; never heard of OA before!

Avant Garble Mixtapes said...

Nobody said dumb people can have this. Some maybe restricted. Sorry. I have stuff you know wrong with me. Eat coyote shit.

Anonymous said...

Cool!I didn't knew that when persisting mediafire could change of mind, it did it!
Musically it's like Human league meeting Marc Almond on a poor setup, too cheesy for me but interesting snare sounds...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Luckily I like cheese...more like The Pet Shop Boys with human League dare era backing tracks......99% of music has a certain amount of cheese hidden within, its just knowing where to look.