Saturday, 19 January 2019

WeR7 ‎– "Rock'n'Roll is the Most" (Music For Midgets ) 1983

Basically WeR7 was a classic UK DIY project based around Gary Ramon and Antony Clough of Modern Art(etc).
It has all the hallmarks of original DIY, such as fuzzy sound quality, no songs, cheap drum box,experimentalism to replace ability,tapes of dialogue,no name it it's here.
They were later to go minimal synth on us.....sucessfully I may add.

What it says on the tape insert:
Jo Change was recorded on 4-track and previously released on the compilation bearing the same name. Don't Surrender was featured on the cassette Dance To This which has been deleted.
Recorded by Conventional Tapes, 1 Atkinson Court, 2 Kings Close, London E10. Available from Music For Midgets, 40 Thompson Road, Langley Green, West Midlands.

Members of WeR7 can be found on tapes by The Ordinary, The Casual Labourers, The Door And The window, The Modern art, New 7th Music and Mystery Plane.


A1 She's My Baby
A2 A Tribute To Jo Change
A3 Last George
A4 "...Snakes Sang"
A5 Let Freedom Reign
A6 A Place Of My Own
B1 Radio Dromedary
B2 Promised Land
B3 Haunted House
B4 "Obviously Nigger Music"
B5 Jo Change (2)
B7 Yesterday
B8 Lard


Tim 'Space Debris' said...

You back in to enjoying music then Johnny?

Jonny Zchivago said... fifty.