Saturday, 5 January 2019

Soft Cell ‎– "Demo Non Stop" (Some Bizzare ‎– SBZ059) 2006

They done demo's in proper studios too, as well as in Davids Bedsit y'know?
Dunno if any of these made it onto any official albums other than 'Say Hello Wave Goodbye', but I much prefer Almond before he got tainted and vocally ambitious with his annoying white boy mascara soul.Like a gay sibling singing in the bathroom as he applied his make-up before hitting the clubs.Kraftwerk may have invented the minimal synth tune, but it took some effeminate Brits to give it some 'soul' to make the android a bit more humanoid,or,make the Android more androgynous?....for good or bad, it was popular.
I did actually, accidently, attend an AIDS benefit concert by Almond, in Leicester Cathedral in feb 2000;on the spot where King Richard the Third is now entombed....he'd be turning in his sepulchre if it wasn't for his scoliosis. 'Twas pretty awful,with the Almond busting a bloodvessel crooning out a splurge of Scott Walker, Jacques Brel classics, and many more works by other over-dramatic songsmiths that he murdered on the night. The highlight was the moment Jesus cut the power supply....but....he kept caterwauling in the dark....ever the consummate professional....horrific!
He was much better in 1978,when he knew his limits.I won't spoil it by listening to the official LPs. 
Ah,the tragedy that being 'Discovered' does to a person!


1 Frustration 3:30
2 Facility Girl 1:34
3 Secret Life 3:38
4 A Man Can Get Lost 2:52
5 Persuasion 3:09
6 Cleansing Fanatic 2:38
7 Tupperware Party 2:13
8 Babes In Consumerland 2:01
9 As Advertised 2:30
10 When We Go Marching 2:39
11 Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 4:51

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Avant Garble Mixtapes said...

"white boy mascara soul"... pulitzer worthy really. you know you love tainted love don't lie.