Saturday, 5 January 2019

Naked Lunch ‎– "From Another Time (Demos & Singles 1979-84)" (Evolve Or Die ‎– EODSUBCD 172) 2015

Another 'Stevo Band', he behind Some Bizarre, was Naked Lunch.Although never releasing hardly anything in their lifetime, they seemed to always be featured in the music press. It helps they had a shameless publicist as a manager one supposes?
Naming your group after a William Burroughs experimental novel was supposed to have the effect of making you seem immeadiately more intelligent that your audience,a bad case of Intellectual Posing.They could have chosen a more obscure reference if they actually were more intelligent than you are. The excellent 'Dead Fingers Talk' were another example, but they came across as just enlightened rockers from Kingston-upon-Hull, where you were libel for a good kicking if you even hinted that you read books.....also they were mates with Mick Ronson, so they're exempt.
I may be playing the role of the 'Talking Asshole'....(note clever Burroughsian reference)....but,Naked Lunch aimed themselves at the growing industrial electronic niche.Their earlier tracks hinted at at the rubber clad synth pop direction later owned by those Depeche Mode puffs, but then started dressing like goths towards the end of their first incarnation....what was that all about?
Nonetheless, I always admire groups who never release any records, so, well done you crazy kats; albeit katz with obscure Brion Gysin pamphlets dangling visibly from their raincoat pockets.....purely for your benefit of course.

NB...Oh yeah, apparently they've reformed and touring???...why not every other fucker is doing it?


Rabies (Demo) 3:11
La Femme 5:17
Rabies 4:55
Slipping Again 3:57
Fade Away 3:26
So Frantic (Demo) 3:32
You Tie Me Down 3:26
Laugh Your Mind Away 3:32
Make Believe 3:35
Breathe 3:40
Weekend Behaviour 2:53
I Believe In Lies (Song Writing Demo) 3:45
Now Only Sighs (Song Writing Demo) 3:45
Captain Black (Minus Captain Scarlet Samples) 4:05
Destroy 10:07
The Mourning After 10:07

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