Sunday, 7 March 2021

Zchivago's Disco Dystopia-“A Celestial Communication Special” 05/03/2021 on that LYL radio thang!

One of the few musicians NEVER to sell out....Anne Briggs.

 Yep. I made a fuck up announcing one of the tracks......not like me?.....see if you can spot this fuck up,and win a prize!!!? All entries in the comments section....the adjudicator's decision is final! 

Disco Dystopia March 5th 2021:

“A Celestial Communication Special”

  1. YOUTH FOR CHRIST - “International teen Teams”

  2. ASCENSION - “8”


  4. PASTOR JOHN RYDGREN - “Hip Version Of The 23rd Psalm”

  5. SUNNY MURRAY - “Angels and Devils”

  6. ANNE BRIGGS - “The Old Man From Over The Sea”

  7. SOUNDS OF LIBERATION - “Happy Tuesday”

  8. KURT KEISER - “We're On Our Way”

  9. ORNETTE COLEMAN - “Voice Poetry”

  10. SELWYN LISSACK - “Facets Of The Universe”



rev.b said...

"He owns me and I'm glad." Oh brother.... The next track was precisely what was needed. *phew!*

0 said...
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Kosmos said...

Interesting eclectic mix. Thank you.

Monsieur Tittysprinkles said...

I thought my vasectomy would stop my wife getting pregnant, it turns out it just changes the color of the baby.