Thursday, 13 December 2018

Various ‎Artists – "B9" (Sandwich Records ‎– SR07) 1981

Yes, here's another Belgian Cold Wave compilation from the height of said wave, from 1981. The year after Ian Curtis hung himself for our sins.The ripples that catalysed in the black oceans of despair spread far and wide, but nowhere tapped into that wave energy more than Belgium. Triggering a tsunami of dreary emotionally bankrupt misery.I'd slash my wrists but the doom-laden self-pity makes me feel so gaddamn alive!As Cold Wave christ,IC said, as he breathed his last during his asphyxiation: "Forgive me father for I didn't know what I started"..


A1 –Kid Montana - Cabs Ambush 3:31
A2 –Tristes Tropiques - Untitled 1 1:40
A3 –Prothese - Tumeurs 6:05
A4 –Rel Rex - Program 5:54
A5 –Digital Dance - Human Zoo 5:00
B1 –Polyphonic Size - Kyoto 4:57
B2 –Satin Wall - Dans Les Profondeurs 4:01
B3 –Tristes Tropiques - Untitled 2 1:33
B4 –Pseudo Code - Around Midnight 8:51
B5 –Slim Jack & H.F.C. - So Sah Gelleck Tissah 5:33
C1 –The Names - Spectators Of Life 2:57
C2 –Siglo XX - Individuality 4:33
C3 –Marine - Life In Reverse 2:44
C4 –The Neon Judgement - Factory Walk 3:55
C5 –Nausea - Vocal Expression 3:27
D1 –Isolation Ward - Lamina Christus 2:52
D2 –Front 242 - Principles (Instrumental) 3:33
D3 –Allez Allez - Allez Allez 5:34
D4 –Berntholer - Emotions 2:23
D5 –Jung - The Real Thing 4:02


W. said...

Thanks for this double album - so many tracks, more than on the CD reissue.

I used to have a copy of an album called Walkin' After Midnight on St Germain Records which covered similar musical territory - I would love to see it posted some time.

W. said...

Ooops, there's only 18 tracks so I presume this is the CD rather than the double album.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, my fault...pasted the tracklist for the 2xlp instead of the CD.