Friday, 7 December 2018

Buzzcocks ‎– "Spiral Scratch" (New Hormones ‎– ORG-1) 1977

Whoops!...."Times UP"????...Apparently Pete Shelley left our troubled planet yesterday!?
As he was a driving force behind the the first self-finaced DIY record of the modern era (Spiral Scratch), one feels it's ones duty to post a short tribute to one of the  finest pop writers of this epoch; up there in the pantheon alongside Ray Davies, and ...cough,splutter...Macca!?
Probably OTT, but we do these things when we write death tributes don't we;but those first half dozen Buzzcocks singles will still be listened to and studied by students hundreds of years in the future.....if the Earth isn't a smoking shard by then of course.
Someone should put the Buzzcocks singles in a time capsule and bolt them to the next deep space probe to civilise some alien races of the outer spiral arm,or outer spiral scratch (see what I did?), of the Milky way Galaxy.

A1 Breakdown 1:54
A2 Time's Up 3:02
B1 Boredom 2:52
B2 Friends Of Mine 2:13


Philippe from France said...

I know you're not Buzzcocks'biggest fan, so this tribute is very much appreciated. Thanks

rev.b said...

Well put! Not sure their early singles would make for accurate messages to aliens, or any good music from this planet for that matter. It wouldn't be fair to convey that the hu-man race places much value on empathy, creativity or intellect. Maybe it's all those scotch and sodas that put me in such a foul mood this evening....

Jonny Zchivago said...

I suppose it does contravene the non-interference directive somewhat?

Slacker said...

A most extraordinary talent, one that I've held dear since my long-forgotten teens. So long, Pete.

If you're not a Buzzcocks fan, then perhaps 'Sky Yen', the Tiller Boys or '£3.33' might be more apt?

Jonny Zchivago said...

I dunno where this idea that i'm not a Buzzcocks fan comes from?