Saturday, 8 December 2018

Linear Movement ‎– "Pulse Music" (Micrart ‎– MCD 8304) 1983 / 2003

Another CD-r reissue of a cassette in the Micrart style.This one by ignored Belgian synth-pop trio, Linear Movement.Pulse Music was originally released in 1983 and is certainly a fine collection of  melodic electronic pop songs that emit a cold warmth,but lacking that 'Hard' Electronic style that most of Belgiums synth hoardes preferred.
The understated music could have been made by a pop orientated Vangelis had he eschewed his soundtrack work.......that's a back-handed compliment by the way?


1 To Another Soul 4:23
2 Cytogenetic Movement 5:23
3 Five Faces 5:09
4 Due To You 5:36
5 Don't Try To Trick Me 10:12
6 Way Out Of Living 5:25
7 You Won 5:05
8 The Linear Way 5:26
9 Magical Melody 3:06
10 The Other Way Round 4:26

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