Friday, 7 December 2018

Autumn ‎– "I Invite" (Micrart ‎– MCD 8011) 1980 / 2003

More mellow ,inoffensive minimal beatless synth tunes agogo, from the very unbelgian Belgians in Autumn.
This one was a cassette release in 1980, but re-released by the reanimated Micrart label on CD-r in 2003.I'dhave used the original artwork if I could find it anywhere,instead of the awful turn of the millenium computer graphics that adorns this cd-r.This is also the ers from which Cd-r's started to disintegrate after a few years.CDs/Cd-r's really were the worst medium for music storage ever unleashed on the unsuspecting record re-buying public!
CD gripes aside,this really does sound like it could have been made today by some Serbian kids obsessed with the Minimal Wave era of 79-84........but,with the vital ingredient of 'the Drum Machine' very missing, crucially.
Can't really call it Ambient New Beat, well I's Ambient New Beat.
Maybe they just couldn't afford a drum machine, which is a better reason than any artistic/creative reason any day of the week!


1 Behind You 4:58
2 HB Invitation 5:01
3 Inexistential Ocean Voyage (Sitting On Trainbanks) 7:48
4 Striking Terror 2:48
5 A Message To The End 10:00
6 Valium Babies 7:25
7 Dropping Gutter (The End Of An Ice Age) 10:53
8 Rasha 5:05
9 My Liquid Eyes 3:55
10 Pictures Theme 2:43

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