Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Mell Square Musick: The Album (Unreleased Recordings 1979-82)" (Only Fit For The Bin Records ‎– OFFTB007) 2010

In a way the original "Mell square Musick" ep, was thee perfect DIY imagine if it was a double album full of the same raw incompetence?
Well now it is,but shockingly, on some of the tracks The Accused seem to have employed a proper drummer?! Like when Budgie replaced Palmolive in the Slits....not good!
That aside, there's plenty of rough as old arseholes DIY punk rock.

Paul Panic, the singer of The Accused, has even written a rather excellent book about it can buy it here:


1-1 –John Peel Radio Show (12-09-'79)
1-2 –The Accused - Solihull Revisted
1-3 –The Accused - Police State (Live Star Club '79)
1-4 –The Accused  - Photo-Copy Views
1-5 –The Accused - Bride Just Died
1-6 –The Accused - She'd Gone Punk/Hellhole
1-7 –The Accused - W.M.P.T.E.
1-8 –The Accused - Don't Wanna Be In 021
1-9 –The Accused - London
1-10 –The Accused - We're Crap
1-11 –Cracked Actors - Disco
1-12 –Cracked Actors - Statues
1-13 –Cracked Actors - Calling For Time
1-14 –Cracked Actors - Rock'n'Roll Fantasy
1-15 –Cracked Actors - Subway
1-16 –Cracked Actors - On The Line
2-1 –021 - The Pop Song
2-2 –021 - Aversion (Demo)
2-3 –021 - Class Of '78
2-4 –021 - Secret Love
2-5 –021 - Hitting Town Tonite
2-6 –021 - Words To The Wise
2-7 –The Undertakers - I Just Wanna... (Make Love To You!)
2-8 –The Undertakers - Monotony
2-9 –The Undertakers - Sadistic Lady
2-10 –The Undertakers - Overload
2-11 –The Undertakers - English Nation
2-12 –The Undertakers - Three Coffins In My Head


WDM said...

great stuff and solid release. I bought the CD immediately when it cames out, I especially like the tracks of O21 and the Undertakers.
nice post!

Jonny Zchivago said...

an 021 album coming up.

Unknown said...

And the 021 album is great too
Ha our orig drummer on the ep had never even played with us before we went into the studio. He actually could play ok just not our stuff lol
Checkout the album we should have made in 79 They should've had red hair
Out now on only fit for the bin records