Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Religious Overdose ‎– "Live" (Adventures In Reality Recordings ‎– ARR004) 1983

Northampton based Post Punk combo who sounded like most other decent bands of that ilk....everywhere had a cult musician called 'kevin' and everywhere had their own 'Rema-Rema's'......which can only be good.I've listened to 'Wheel In the Roses" far too many times, so here's a chance to hear some material they might have recorded before they changed their name to 'Mass'....a bit like the garage -psych bands on those 'nuggets' compilations; but instead of giving the generations of the future diferent versions of the Stones and The kinks, we are now discovering bands who give us different versions of the post Punk bands of our youth eg) rema-rema, Modern English, and their like.......we've had the 'Rubble' series for UK Psych, and Nuggets for US Psych, so how about "Grey Clouds" or "Raincoats" for a UK Post Punk compilation series?
Recorded live at The Black Lion, Northampton, England May 1982.


A1 In This Century
A2 Push The Key
A3 I Said Go
A4 Control Addicts
B1 The Tower
B2 The Girl With The Disappearing Head
B3 Wild Cat


Mrs. Inside said...

thank you! this has been in my 'wants' list for ages.

W. said...

On my wants list too - my wishes have been answered.

Northampton Musicians Collective, Glass, and Adventures In Reality had lots of interesting releases - thank you for sharing.

Jack Evans said...

Superb. Thanks. Been after this for a very long time. I don't suppose you have their "Strung Out On Heaven's High" tape of demos? If not, anyone else out their have a copy?

Tim 'Space Debris' said...


Grey Clouds and Raincoats are great names for UK post-punk comps. Or 'Grey Clouds and Raincoats' as one title. I'd buy that album. Then for your next series of c86 and cutie you could call it 'Floppy Fringes and Anoraks'.

I should be a copywriter for a shit indie record company. you think Volume 4 of Floppy Fringes and Anoraks would have any good songs on it?