Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Alien Brains ‎– "Live At The Basement 14/02/82" (Aeon ‎ Tapes) 1982

Nigel Jacklin is joined by Richard and Phillip Rupenus, of New Blockaders (anti-)fame, in the basement, Newcastle on Valentines day in 1982, to make a very New Blockaders version of Alien Brains.
The 'make do and mend' amateurishness of Alien Brains earlier tapes, has been replaced with competant avant-industrial professionalism.
Its a quite impressive dark ambient rumble, but the Brains have lost their charm in the happens to us all eventually....even me!?


A Untitled 47:15
B Untitled 38:20

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Robert said...

Wow -- thanks so much for this and for all the other great music you post!