Sunday, 7 June 2015

Adam Bohman & David Prescott ‎– "Whispering Wendy" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 180) 1987

Prolific collaborator, David Prescott,produced this abstract electronic noise collage,with prolific collaborator, Brit, Adam Bohman;whom you probably know from such groups as 'Apricot My lady', 'Diastollic Murmurs' and,my favourite, 'Secluded Bronte'?
Well, probably not,but he is obviously suitably 'out there' enough to get on Sound Of Pig,and work with 'If,Bwana' a couple of times.
Who,or what, Whispering Wendy is/was,is a side issue,as the tape that bears her/it's name is a mash-up of twisting, gurgling, sonic exploration that wriggles like an Eel in yer brain; finding an entrance where it can.

Track Listing:

Side A - Bohman Mix (26:35)
Side B - Prescott Mix (30:08)

DOWNLOAD a wriggling eel into your mind HERE!