Saturday, 6 June 2015

Dave Prescott ‎– "Red Shift 5" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 246) 1987

No relation to John "Two Jags" Prescott, ex-deputy prime minister of the UK who punched a member of the public after throwing an egg at him,and his ratings went up?No, this is a Prescott from the other end of the intellectual ladder,as in the higher end.
If we are still referring to Tangerine Dream albums as an analogous comparison, this tape is definitely "Electronic Meditation",but without the drums and jazzy flute.Its been a while since the last cassette that has been featured one could apply a comparison with the soundtrack of "The Forbidden Planet",but, this reminds me of the "Soundtrack to "The Forbidden Planet", parts.
Boston,USA, based Prescott,was a prolific collaborator on the cassette culture scene in America,producing tapes with such luminaries as Minoy(and here), Zan Hoffman,and Al Margolis's If Bwana(whose label this appears on).
His vast arsenal of first generation synths are urged through constantly changing electronic hoops,buzzing and bleeping amongst an array of sound effects and captured dialogue. Not an electronic journey for those who like a nice bit of melody.......there isn't any of that populist nonsense here.

Track Listing:

1-Side 1 (43:11)
2-Side 2 (41:48)

DOWNLOAD dave "two sides" prescott HERE!

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