Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tom Ellard -"80's cheesecake" (Terse Tapes - Terse 17) 1982

Before any anoraks jump in, yeah this is the re-released CD-r version,which was an expanded version (beefed up with tracks from "Snappy Carrion" also from 1982) of the original tape,which I don't have.So there you have it.
Tom Ellard, from Severed Heads, did a solo minimal electronic tape shocker!? A jolly clever escapade,with a plethora of speech samples,on tape,backed up by lo-fi beats and minimal synths.Could have been made today instead of 33 years ago.


01Anthem 824:24
09Our Work For Love At Home5:21
10Power Circles In Paris3:09
11These Are The Words5:58
15The Louis Armstrong Story

DOWNLOAD some tasty cheesecake that isn't past its sell by date HERE!


Anonymous said...

tom sells it here:

the saucer people said...

To be pedantic with the above comment, Tom sells a modified form of the album on his Bandcamp site, and if memory serves it used to be free to download until Medical Records or Dark Entries or some other "kool kidz" label reissued it.

Actually, I am surprised this has not got more comments (though no doubt it will have plenty of downloads) as it could indeed have been released 33 minutes ago instead of 33 long years ago. Personally, I think it is one of the best things Tom Ellard has ever done - tracks like Big Eats, In Her Air, Mount, and Bullet piss all over 99% of what is released these days (and had he forgone the then compulsory 'industrial' spoken word overlays, it would still sound like the future).

After many years of neglecting them, I finally got hold of the Adenoids 1977-1985 compilation box-set, originally released by Herr VoD back in 2008 and then reissued in a slightly different form on CD by Sevcom in 2010. Incredible collection, that includes some tracks on it from this album, amongst the sixty or odd others! For those youngsters, new to the "Heads" (as we never called them), I could not suggest a better starting point to the weird, wonderful, and occasionally disturbing world of the Severed Heads.

On that note, I'm off to bed, I can hardly keep my dead eyes open anymore - #insert smiley smile emoticon#

(Little) Chris Downing said...

First new Terse 'Tapes' compilation since 1983 now online at

Anonymous said...

eel's blood... always liked that track. the original "clifford darling please don't live in the past" double lp (with the blue and black cover)compilation is fine if you can't get the "adenoids".