Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Various Artists - "The Wonderful World Of Glass(volume One)" (Glass Records ‎– GLASS 010) 1981

The primary reason for including a Glass records compilation on this site,is the inclusion of another lost Lemon Kittens track. The less strange,but beaty, “What the Cat Brought In”; not for completists only.
What else is on this then, you ask.......or ,more likely, probably not?

Nuneaton's Eyeless In Gaza soundalikes,Bron Area are on here, and even the two halves of yer actual, Nuneaton's own, Eyeless In Gaza dip into their vast reservoir of tracks for us.

Shit, I didn't see the Legendary Pink Dots! I usually slag these geezers off, but I'm fucked off writing about a band I don't particularly like. I hear nothing here to change my entrenched position.

Great tracks by, it's the Nuneaton connection again, Kevin Harrison. Not from Nuneaton are Schleimer K, Joy Div copyist lightweights English Subtitles, and probably many more?

I suppose we may get some sulking Nirvana bores salivating over the Marine Girls track, as Cobain expressed a liking for the twee indie act before blowing his brains out. Sad.....no not the suicide.....the Nirvana nerds!

A1 Schleimer K - She's Gone
A2 Bron Area - You Would Be Amazed
A3 Ciaran Harte - Johnny Doesn't Need Much
A4 Legendary Pink Dots - The Defeated
A5 Marine Girls - Flying Over Russia
A6 Peter Becker - During Half Sleep
A7 Kevin Harrison - Blinded By Hypnotism
A8 Lemon Kittens - What The Cat Brought In
B1 Where's Lisse? - Red Light
B2 Tonix - The Sex Junk
B3 English Subtitles - Water
B4 Martyn Bates - Nascent Fragrance Of Skin
B5 3 Way Dance - Praise The Flames
B6 No More - Hypnotised
B7 Clinical Noise - Venus Comes
B8 Religious Overdose - Blow The Back Off It
B9 Richard Formby - Your Name You're Strange

DOWNLOAD into your own wonderful world HERE!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.

Been looking for mp3's of the second volume "Shadow & Substance". If anyone has a link, please share!

Holly said...

I, too, have been desperately searching for vol 2. Anyone, anyone? Helloooo? ;-)

Meanwhile, Jonny, thank you so much for all you share! Don't say it often enough.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks Holly....but didn't I notice you bigging me up on Thomas Storck's WFMU radio show a few weeks ago?....something along the lines of ...i'm a wonderful human being'?
I am not worthy, but thanks.

Holly said...

Yep that was me .. and yes, you are :-)