Friday, 3 July 2020

John Carpenter - "Lost Themes" - (Sacred Bones Records SBR-123) 2015

Anyone who made a movie called "They Live" is alright by me. This is the chap who did Halloween for christ's sake! Not to mention "The Thing",the greatest argument against CGI graphics I can think of,with it's state of the art,1982, 'Animatronics'.Real stuff happening on screen,which avoids your movie looking like a playstation game.
Carpenter,also, had a talent for minimal electronic soundtracks,like "Assault On Precinct 13", and here he gets to live out his fantasy as a 70 year old frustrated Gary Numan,unleashing nine minimal synth themes for movies yet to be made.Sounds like a terrible Idea doesn't it?....but its rather good.This could have been made by a bunch of Belgian new beat bedroom dwellers in 1982...which was probably what John was listening to during the making of 'The Thing'?....the thing is, these are almost as good as the Main Theme from Precinct 13.
Good to see he's keeping busy.....never retire is my advice to all you early onset avoiders out there.Which is a choice you'll likely never have to make as all the state pensions are now fucked.I for one will have no choice but to work until i'm in my casket waiting to be scattered over the turf of the King Power Stadium.....which I now learn is 'Illegal'!?....those bastards fuck you over even when you're dead!!!...Glad to be gone in advance and FUCK YOU!


1.Vortex 4:45
2.Obsidian 8:24
3.Fallen 4:45
4.Domain 6:34
5.Mystery 4:36
6.Abyss 6:07
7.Wraith 4:30
8.Purgatory 4:39
9.Night 3:38


northfieldhat said...

I love the cover showing that the themes are not all that was lost.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You cheeky young imp!

Plastique said...

John Carpenter released 2 new songs on Bandcamp just yesterday.
Thanks for this.