Monday 6 July 2020

Vangelis ‎– "Blade Runner" (EastWest ‎– 4509-96574-2) 1982/1994

On the day that soundtrack miester Ennio Morricone left us at the mercy of John Williams, and that bloke from Radiohead to do our soundtracks, here's a rare thing indeed...a great Vangelis record.
It also happens to be from another of my super bestest filmy wilmy's, The Magnificent "Blade Runner" (original version).
A fine existential exploration into what makes one alive or not?
It contains one of the greatest final speeches in the history of ,at least, Science Fiction,written by dutch acty-man Rutger Hauer.
If i could replce the words with Spaghetti western and italian soft-porn references, it would also have been a perfect tribute for the Legendary Ennio,but, unlike Roy the replicant,all those moments aren't lost in time;they're all on record until the end of human civilisation.
Hopefully in a hundred or so years he will earn his rightful place alongside Bach,Beethoven,Beefheart and Danny and the Dressmakers,in the pantheon of great composer elite.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.......Time to die!"


1.Main Titles 3:42
2.Blush Response 5:47
3.Wait For Me 5:27
4.Rachel's Song 4:46
5.Love Theme 4:56
6.One More Kiss, Dear 3:58
7.Blade Runner Blues 8:53
8.Memories Of Green 5:05
9.Tales Of The Future 4:46
10.Damask Rose 2:32
11.Blade Runner (End Titles) 4:40
12.Tears In Rain 3:00


LaVar said...

"here's a rare thing indeed...a great Vangelis record"

Hey hey whoa whoa there, homeslice. Stay in yo' lane.

northfieldhat said...

Rutger, yes. True.
That's where the orig dieordiy is, lost like tears in the rain.

Milo said...

Good blog Jonny...keep it sharp! I like it. Greets from the south of Belgium

Fernfrequency said...

Ill admit this was his high point but he i.e Van man DID release some really fine pioneering albums. Later period try Mask(choir meets synth magnificence in a rather Greeky timbre) older try L'Apocalypse Des Animaux (ambient before Eno had a twinkle in his creative eye).

northfieldhat said...

Runner of Blades!
(rejected lyrics)

Unknown said...

Fookin' MEGA again - YOOK!

Fabio D. said...

I have L'Apocalypse Des Animaux, great sounding album.
PS the CD needs pre-emphasis if ripped: I was in trouble with EAC, but iTunes ripped good.