Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Suicide ‎– "1/2 Alive" (ROIR (Reachout International Records) ‎– A 103) 1981

Tragically, there's now only half of Suicide left alive!? So, appropriately, here's the classic live/studio retrospective ROIR cassette, "Half Alive" from 1981 to remind us of of the empirical genius of the world's second synth duo (after the Silver Apples of course!).
The first 'pop' singer I ever saw in the flesh was Alan Vega, briefly anyway, before Suicide were forced off the stage by a barrage of various missiles hurled by  the so-called punk fans who'd come to 'rock-out' to the Clash. Suicide were at least a decade and a half ahead of of everyone else. This brief exposure to a darker kind of music,forbidden even by my peers, was the start of my rocky road into the deeper tunnels of the pop world. A group/duo that was so roundly hated was fascinating for me. There are few acts that have drawn complaints from both my parents and my own generation than Vega and Rev;up there alongside Whitehouse for sheer confrontation and visceral out-thereness.
The Lester bangs notes to this cassette sum it all up very nicely, so i'll respectfully shut the fuck up.

RIP ALAN VEGA/SUICIDE......and thank you.


A1 Harlem II 3:57
A2 Goin' To Las Vegas 4:56
A3 Love You 2:45
A4 Cool As Ice 3:17
A5 All Night Long 4:06
B1 Sister Ray Says 4:25
B2 Johnny Dance 3:01
B3 Space Blue 1:44
B4 Long Talk 1:26
B5 Speed Queen 2:26
B6 Chezazze 3:24
B7 Dreams 2:11


13 All Night Long
14 Sweetheart
15 Scream and Shout

DOWNLOAD in memory of Alan Vega HERE!


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this

pinkpressthreat said...

Much obliged Jonny :)

loveisthedevil said...

Oh thank you!

ROOKSBY said...

Ta for this, I've owned the tape for years but have never heard those CD extras.

I'd also never noticed that Lester Bangs wrote the sleeve notes! It's been a while since I pulled my copy off the shelf tbh... must pay closer attention in future!

rev.b said...

When BOTH your parents and friends hate something you're listening too, you've obviously stumbled onto genius. Thanks for posting this obstacle in my path. I've heard OF Suicide more that their music. This'll change that.

stephen Surreal said...

nice one jonny,I bought this when it came out as i couldn't get hold of the first album,things were so much simpler back then,caint get hold of the vinyl? here's a cassette then n it's better than forkin out fer the bronze reissue!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Merci Monsieur,
i luckily inherited the actual album from a dead cousin so no problem there(except for him i suppose?).Oh the happy times spent singing Frankie Teardrop in the pub......ah,memoriiiiiieeeessss(as in the song).
In fact i still owe you a pint doon't I?....in the east mids in mid-august if you want me to settle my debt?

Chris Cohen said...

Thank yoooo