Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Stukas - "Singles 1977-78" (Chiswick/Sonet)

What does one do when the musical world is full of music that doesn't speak for you, as in the the modern world now....the answer is in the title of this here Blog......'Do It Yourself'!
DIY didn't start in the immediate Punk/Punk punk era. Often, prog folk outsiders did it in the seventies, smellie hippies did it in the sixties,incredibly strange freaks did it in the fifties, and Hillbilly rednecks did it in the twenties and thirties.
This didn't always entail making and producing your own recordings. It often manifested itself in playing the music you wanted to hear live yourself, because no fucker else was gonna do it.
No scene manifested this as much as the 'Pub Rock' era in the UK.
Between 1971 and 1976, the only way one could escape the more unattractive end of Progressive Rock was to play 'proper Rock'n'Roll yourself; a kind of Regressive Rock, or Regg Rock.Based on Johnny Kidd and the Pirates rather than Mozart and Brahms. Exploring the eternal pleasures of the Chuck Berry Riff rather than double keyboard arpeggios.
Myself, being a pre-teen into Gary Glitter and T-Rex, this lack of rock'roll never bothered me, because, as far as I can see, Glitter and Bolan played a more progressive form of original Rock'n'Roll ; the Pub Rockers were very stuck in 1961, which I didn't understand until after the Pistols combined the two for the kids. Bowie plays Johnny Kidd I did understand, especially when combined with anger and energy.
Dr. Feelgood and Eddie and the Hot Rods became more comprehensible to the 13 year old, and I adore those two groups. The other lot took a longer time to appreciate.
One of these crossover groups who looked Punk but sounded weedily retro in a Pub Rock stylee, were the contrarily named 'Stukas'. Expecting some hard driving punk, and seeing their advert in Sounds, I bought their single 'I Like Sport' and hated it! It sounded nothing like a screaming Nazi dive bomber, but more like a spluttering microlight dropping liberal party leaflets over Surbiton* (*leafy suburb of London famed as the setting for anemic BBC sit-com 'The Good Life').
Over the years, one has come to appreciate most of the rocky side of the Pub Scene.....although That Brinsley Schwartz, country and Western stuff still leaves me nauseous.
I suppose it was all definitely Punk before Punk,and I especially admire their reluctance to go to the metal end of rock, unlike the Punks. Then the punks who didn't go 'Metal' went Post-Punk of course; which was nothing more than Nu-Prog.
As the Pub Rockers knew nothing about Prog, again unlike the Punks, who were mostly all Proggers; they stuck to playing the music they loved, which is unpretentious, unfiltered, post Elvis pre-beatles rock'n'roll …..and why not?

Die or DIY? Presents for you , the complete vinyl discography of the feebly un-macho pub-punk pop of the Stuka's …...I like 'I like Sport' now.

(PS, anyone got the Peel Session?)

Track Listing:

"Klean Livin Kids" (Chiswick 1977)

1- Klean Livin Kids
2- Oh Little Girl

"I Like Sport" (Sonet 1977)

1- I Like Sport
2- I'll Send You A Postcard"
3- Dead Lazy

"Washing Machine Boogie" (Sonet 1978)

1- Washing Machine Boogie
2- Motorbike


Anonymous said...

Rather marvellous: thank you

Jonny Zchivago said...

Glad to see someone appreciates this....at last.