Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Alternative ‎– "Isolation From Ones Self - Is Alienation From Another" (Self-Released cassette) 1982

 Hey look kids, that's a totally original group symbol going on there,nothing at all like the Crass one, complete with spray can stencil font to boot.Harry Styles will be wearing this on a T-shirt next spring.....although ZOG beat them to it...see below:
One Direction loved experimental music...Harry's on the right...of the photo,and in Politics I hear?

The drummer on this below shit-fi quality on bullshit detector demo tape does indeed play a few Penny Rimbaud boys brigade fills, and i'm quite sure it isn't the Rimbaud undoubtedly was on the LP.
Ah Bless 'em, they bark about alienation, nuclear war, corporate oppression, and that anarcho-staple..."crying children"......well, at least i think they do?They could be singing love songs for all i can make out amidst the hiss and fuzz and cheapo distortion pedals.
It's certainly a Love Song to Crass anyway, may I be so bold as to speculate?
Another sickeningly pseudo philosophical white ghetto pretentiousness of a title.....but don't you just love 'em for it?...not really...I was just trying to look open minded and accepting of difference so i seem Kool to the pinko politico-elite. Please like me!


1 Propaganda
2 Child In The System
3 Unknown
4 Rising Sun
5 False Visions
6 Can't You See
7 Pick Up The Camera
8 What's So Pitiful


parmalee said...

Think I saw that Kurt Cobain guy sportin a ZOG shirt once, as well.

Anonymous said...

Any lesbo who won't gargle my balls is a transphobe!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I think that was the title penciled in for Alternative's cum back LP until the guitarist re-identified as a bicycle called Susan.

parmalee said...

I've aways found that Rimbaud-style martial drumming to be awfully addictive, which, I suppose, is kinda the point? Didn't Stockhausen warn us about this nonsense, i.e., periodic beats and suchlike? Pretty certain he did, repeatedly, in fact, over the decades--one might even say _periodically._

Anyways, the pretentious title of this one reminds me an awful lot of a little (self-penned) quote Chris Cutler included on the first Art Bears album, only to omit from the boxed set some couple of decades later. Curious. I shan't reprint it, either out of respect for Cutler or laziness, but it's a similar sentiment.

That said, I've watched this clip of Sleaford Mods performing "Elocution" at least a hundred times by now--possib;y more. I can't quite figure out why it's so good, but it is:

Unknown said...

not even enough class to post a link for people to buy their stuff. Do you have permission to post their album? Again, yor disregard for Artisits is clear.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You have my permission to Fuck Off you silly cunt.The vast majority of artists don't agree with you.
Free advertising with a sample and try facility is like oxygen to these unknown and ignored, 'artists', as you call them.