Monday, 5 March 2018

Yximaloo - "The Worst Of 1982" (Sakura Wrechords - C 05) 1994

A further compilation of Yximaloo's prolific output,this time from 1982.
Every country has their 'Residents', and ,arguably, Japan's 'Residents' is Yximaloo.
Abstract Lo-Fi Minimalism coloured with a wide pallet of sounds and rhythms,and all kinds of inexplicable weirdness filling up the spaces.
There are times when words are useless,but this isn't one of them.It's just that i'm fucking knackered and can't be arsed to write anything much....sooooo....the best way to find out what this sounds like is to download it and give it a listen.
I reckon its jolly good indeed,jolly strange,but then again what 'Strange' actually qualifies as is open to conjecture. Personally, the weirdest stuff I've ever heard is The Bee Gee's in their falsetto Disco pomp, but i'd sooner dance to Yximallo any day of the week.If 'The Residents' had come up with "Saturday Night Fever" we'd all be hailing it as an all-time Avant-Garde classic?
Fuck, I ended up writing more than I felt capable of after all?
Disregard my earlier statement, because I really can't be arsed to delete it......I'm going to bed to listen to "Diskomo" by The Residents.


1. A Fire #12
2. A Bird
3. A-E-A-E #1
4. A Water #8
5. Offer Incense Sticks #6
7. Moon Loop #1
8. A Ghost
9. A Horse #9
10. A Wood #7
11. Offer Incense Sticks #9
12. A Dance
13. Ton-Ten-Kan
14. A Fish
15. Dead Soldier with Red Lipstick
16. O'Rhythm
17. A Horse #8
18. Fish Loop
19. A Fire #4
20. A-E-A-E #3
21. A Grass
22. A Moon
23. Jet
24. TI-TZU #2
25. Not So Easy #10
26. Moon Loop #6 + #7 + #8
28. A Fire #6
29. A Horse #7
30. Reggae Kills The Weird Music in Jamaica #6
31. A Water #9
32. Plague

DOWNLOAD the best of 1982 HERE!


Anonymous said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Japan's Jad Fair

Picky Picnic=Japan's Residents

Anonymous said...

Diskomo RULES!!!!