Saturday, 17 March 2018

The Work - "Rubber Cage" (Woof Records ‎– WOOF 012) 1989

Wasn't this the second 'official' Work album from the end of the decade......I think it was y'know.
It's up to the same extremely high standards of progressive chord structures and odd time signatures that we've come to love.Prog-Punk at its highest possible level. If you were to play this at your meet the neighbours fondue based dinner party, it could either make you look intelligent, or weird,depending on the neighbours.As most neighbours are part of the 90%ers,and feel uncomfortable with abstract concepts, they will inevitably look upon you as 'Weird',so you may as well be hung for a horse than a sheep and whip out some 'Whitehouse' or Merzbow.That should stop the fuckers from asking for a cup of sugar,or saying 'Hello' everytime you leave the house.


Poise 0:57
Abdomen 2:26
Felt 1:20
Commerce And Despair 2:46
Dangerfish 4:33
1992 5:58
Coloured Water 3:10
Stone 4:19
Trauma 3:44
Knee 1:52
Jay 2:20
Quack 3:40

DOWNLOAD some rubber from jonny HERE!


Anonymous said...

Saved as a favorite, I like your blog!

softshoebanana said...

That should stop the fuckers from asking for a cup of sugar,or saying 'Hello' everytime you leave the house.

Ha Ha love it, a man who's cut from the same cloth as myself or as my wife would say a "miserable fucker"

pinkie said...

Wondrous sounds

rev.b said...

Yeah, this was the 2nd album. I'll check to see if I have Slow Crimes. If I do, I'll post a link in these comments....unless that's what up next. Damn fine record that. Still sends chills all these years later.

Robert Gomez said...

Rick Wilson on drums!

A. S. said...

Always thought Tim H.'s post-H.C. work (this group and The Momes) was superior to Henry Cow itself. Hadn't heard this album, though, so thanks!

Jonny Zchivago said... fear i posted 'Slow Crimes' a couple of years ago...i notice you left a comment on it!.......

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes Antonio, Henry Cow were too clever by half for my tastes...Work and momes vastly superior.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yep i'm a miserable fucker and proud of don't come out of nowhere, i'm miserable fucker mainly because of humans pissing me off.....i subscribe to the Satre school of misanthropy.

rev.b said...

Obvious dementia on my part. I must have gotten my digital copy of Slow Crimes from here. Thx for then and now.