Saturday, 24 March 2018

Officer! ‎– "Cough" (Ayaa Records) 1985

I rather like this lo-fi outing for Mick Hobbs' 'Officer!' 
Dare one suggest that this sounds not unlike post-cave Australian trio 'The Dirty Three' in places, which I intend as a compliment.
A lot of the tunes are Violin led , like the aforementioned antipodean '90's threesome. Which seems to replace the Henry Cow-isms that tarnish Officer!'s other records.
Recorded in France, it says, and sounds as if it was either done at a concert where the audience didn't turn up, or in a rehearsal room with very little sound dampening.Either way it adds a very agreeable 'Live' feel to the proceedings.
On a more sombre note.....
I don't usually pay tribute to the Police,but....Play the 'sad' tunes in tribute to the Officer of the French Gendarmerie who was killed yesterday after selflessly signing his own death warrant and took the place of a hostage at the Carcassone Supermarket siege, by one of those Islamic Fuckwit Terrorist Twats!......and for any Flat Earth 'truthers' out there; no, it wasn't a fucking 'False Flag' attack!

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