Thursday, 22 September 2016

Wilko Johnson ‎– "Pull The Cover" (Skydog - SKI 2227) 1984

By 1984 Wilko was persona non grata, except in France. Our Gallic Garlic munching cousins are very loyal when it comes to artists of any kind. When they like you, they LIKE you......forever!
Not that their taste is anything but terrible however!
Wilko is an exception, among the pantheon of Anglo-American gods who still rule the supermarket muzak system. I don't think i've ever entered a French supermarché without having The Police, Phil Collins or Supertramp inflicted upon my shell-likes. Then there's the legions of Tarte aux Pommes craving Hippies who constantly bang on about Zer Doorssss ,Dip Purpul, and Zer Tens Years Hafter! Naturally ,Pub Legends, Dire Straits reign supreme in any Frenchmans cd rack.
Alas,our cute little B.O. ridden chums do have a predilection for good back to basics unpretentious Rock'n'Roll like Dr. Feelgood. So Wilko is guaranteed a career in the land of Circus Clowns,swarthy males pissing in plain view,and vastly over-rated cuisine,yes,  France; for life! (what there is left of it of course) .
After John Wilkinson's short tenure with Ian Dury as a Blockhead came to an end after the 'Laughter' album. There was always gonna be a place for him on a French Record Label, hence this Mini-Album. Adorned with a tasteful drawing of our Wilko in Bed!!!.....I can't imagine our hero ever going to bed, nevermind pulling the covers over his face!? I suppose the title is a reference to the 10 cover songs that appear on this disc rather than Monsieur Johnson's nocturnal habits.
Obviously playing with the Blockheads severely curtailed W.J's songwriting activities somewhat?
Nonetheless, its still prime Wilko.


Myskrat 2:57
I Wanna Be Your Lover 2:46
Ecstasy 2:35
My Babe 2:29
Messing With The Kids 1:37
Think 2:53
Some Other Guy 2:10
Mendocino 2:50


Ian said...

I'll give the French a little more credit for their taste than our illustrious blog host: let's remember they gave a good home to countless American jazz musicians--very, very good ones--in the 1960s. Dexter Gordon, Eric Dolphy, Archie Shepp, to name but three. That loyalty of which you speak allowed these musicians to make a great living in a country the size of Texas, where in the whole of the U.S. they had a tough time to eek out a living of an sort unless they were named Miles Davis. I'll salute the French for that. Not much else, perhaps, but for that, absolutely.

Oh the post? Much thanks. I'd no idea of this release by the master from Canvey Island.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You are of course correct. France saved Free Jazz for the masses......they do owe us for saving them from the Nazi's i suppose?

Ian said...

Yes, I like to think the Allied Forces are owed gratitude. Though truth be told it might be Adolph himself who can be thanked, for going after Russia when he didn't need to and losing the Battle of the Bulge as a result. But we digress.

Nah fuck it. Let's take the credit.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I attended a VE day ceremony in my French village 'what i live in'. And the mayor specifically thanked me as a representative of 'les anglo-saxons' for the sacrifices we made during WW2.....i said it wasn't necessary, as I didn't do it myself.....but in hindsight I would now like to take the credit for defeating Hitler in Europe. Get down on your knees europe and grovel!