Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Wilko Johnson's Solid Senders ‎– "Solid Senders" (Virgin ‎– V 2105) 1978

Well, I like tenuous links between posts so I can seamlessly segue between disparate pop groups with no obvious connection to keep the flow as smooth as possible.
So, Snakefinger was in a pub rock band called Chilli Willi and the RedHot Peppers, which bares some resemblance to the unforgivably terrible Red Hot Chilli Peppers, who were inspired by The Gang Of Four (????? can someone point out where that influence actually is?); who in turn were influenced by Pub Rock legends,Dr. Feelgood, via the staccato rhythm lead of one Wilko Johnson.
This leads us naturally to the post-Feelgood works of one John Wilkinson, aka Wilko.
I'm not prone to having any heroes, but if I was to be any musician it would be either Brian Eno or Wilko Johnson.
He's got it all, style, great image, a personality, likes cosmology, perfect stripped down guitar style, and a stage presence like no other; he even came back from the dead for chrissakes!? 
I still dress like Dr Feelgood to this day, probably thee perfect band image of all time.
If one thing lets him down, is probably his singing voice is a trifle weak, but hey, nobody's perfect? Which of course makes him...perfect!?
His immense ego, via a copious intake of amphetamines , caused a rift between him and the Beer monsters of the rest of the Feelgoods, and he had to leave to go solo-ish.
His first post-Feelgood record was as The Solid Senders, which the record company renamed Wilko Johnson's Solid Senders; not like Virgin that is it? Record executives have a great talent for destroying their employees prospects, rather like what every corporate interest does to everyone with any ambition to better themselves. There's no room in the stable for the upstarts from the basement of society.
Solid Senders were a Band rather than Wilko's solo project, and having his name in front of the groups inevitably led to this being a short project.
The music is a slightly funkier version of Dr. Feelgood, with less menacing vocals.
A great album indeed, released with a free Live album attached.


A1 Blazing Fountains 3:16
A2 You're In My Way 2:49
A3 Dr. Dupree 3:30
A4 Too Bad 2:32
A5 First Thing In The Morning 4:45
A6 Everybody's carrying a Gun 2:48
B1 Signboard 3:27
B2 Keep Both Eyes On The Road 2:30
B3 Shop Around 3:17
B4 Burning Down 4:25
B5 I've Seen The Signs 3:32
C1 Walking On The Edge 3:22
C2 Paradise 4:39
C3 All Aboard 3:22
D1 Highway 61 5:02
D2 Neighbour Neighbour 2:50
D3 Rock Me Baby 6:16


Ian said...

Being a yank I'd probably go with James Osterberg on that hero thing (if I indeed identified such a thing as a hero). But that coming back from the dead thing Mr. Johnson pulled off is pretty impressive. And those pinstripe suits with the flares? Forget it man, can't be beat. Though I recall being modestly disappointed by this album when I had it on vinyl. But then, when you've got "Malpractice" in the memory banks, just about anything's going to come up shy. Sorry that Wilko got together with that short singer from the Who for a pointless album, but I forgive him. Nobody's done the Telecaster more proud than this guy. Thanks for the post.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Mr Osterberg was recently seen doing the rounds in europe,and turned up at a festival in France(near me), and he now looks like a ball-bag with a bonde wig atop;but hey, why the fuck not?

Some culture-less yoof was also heard to comment, upon seeing Wilko on TV, "Hey, thats that geezer from Game Of Thrones".....proudly ignorant i said 'Game of Fucking What????"
I probably watch it if they wore pin stipred suits with flares, and beat people to death with a telecaster.......but no its just complete shite....apparently, cus i've never seen the gamer generation nonsense.

Ian said...

Agree the Igster today is not the Igster of yesteryear. But the fact he's outlived so many is in itself remarkable. His latest release is a singer's album, not a rocker, something to shelve alongside Bryan Ferry and David Bowie, apparently. Ah well.

I love that the record company has to include the sticker, "Sales Point--Wilko" on the cover of this one. If I don't recognize the guy on the cover, why the hell am I looking at it? BTW, did Bobby Gillespie cop his suit style from Wilko? I don't much care, just musing. And you folks on the island get a lot more exposure to Mr. Gillespie than we do so perhaps you can inform.