Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Port Said ‎– "Eve Of Departure" (Self Released Cassette) 1982

The second tape released by experimental electronic instrumentalists Port Said,consisting of Stefan Tischler and the late great Keeler. This is what I had hoped The BEF's "Music for Stowaways" would sound like. A slightly detached and undanceable version of ambient isolation. Music for the funkier, but colder, end of the flotation tank.

DOWNLOAD to depart HERE!


Anonymous said...

really good


Alan Burns said...

This one is great, many thanks!

the saucer people said...

Such a shame the name is so crap as a lot of people will miss out on this one and it's one of the best things I have heard this year, hands down. I have got to thank Herr VoD for 'turning me on' to Port Said - minimal vocals and strange electronics from the early eighties - a match made in heaven.

Actually, I have the mysterious Mr Yass Waddah to thank for the Port Said discovery at his sadly defunct blog where he posted a splendid FLAC rip of the VoD collection here:

I have got to admit, after reading about your run ins with the label, I am completely astonished he managed to post the amount of VoD releases he did - my hard drives are crammed with releases - perhaps VoD have finally realised that blogs like yours and Yasswadd's do nothing but good for the label, who knows.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, Herr Maier(spelling?) has singled me out for special treatment after misunderstanding one of my,admittedly, slightly sarcastic remarks. I asked him not to get 'The Arse' in an affectionate manner,and he thought i was calling him an 'Arse'.So he's been a bit snippy with me, accusing me of stealing his scans, and his records. I now no longer publish his spiteful diatribes. Dunno what his problem is; he makes his living from selling out limited runs of material that was virtually free on release,and appears not appreciate the endless free advertising the bloggers give his free;DIY/cassette culture was the forefather of what we do on blogs in the 21st century.......just don't mention the war eh?!