Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Cardiacs ‎– "The Seaside" (Alphabet ‎– ALPH 0001) 1983

Is this the only cassette with a Sea side, geddit? I'm almost as clever as The Cardiacs? ie too clever by 'arf.
This is a polished up version of early Cardiacs herky jerky time signature shifting alternative showbiz tunes. Containing the definitive version of "Is This The Life"; Ironically the least complicated tune they did,and predictably their 'Hit' ten I believe?


A1Jibber And Twitch
A2Gina Lolla Brigida
A3Hello Mr Sparrow
A4Its A Lovely Day
A5A Wooden Fish On Wheels
A6Nurses Whispering Verses
B1Is This The Life
B2A Little Man And A House
B3Hope Day
B4Dinner Time
B5Ice A Spot And A Dot On The Dog
B7To Go Off And Things

DOWNLOAD into the sea HERE!


Stu said...

This is astonishingly good. I spent a lot of time listening to the Pregnant Neck album and 7" recently and I'm in the mood for weirdness.

Shayne O said...

Well remember to buy it!. Tim , the singer/mad-genius has been stuck in a wheelchair with severe paralysis after a gnarly stroke around 2007 , so the old boy needs all the bud he can get to continue to pay for rehabilitation and care. Oh and he's recovered enough to supervise production finishing off a new-old sea nymphs record , and rumours of the cardiacs long lost LSD record finally getting finished