Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Public Image Limited - "Live,Rainbow Theatre 12-26-1978" (Bootleg)

This gig already exists earlier on this blog,in a much inferior form.So you can read the blurb for that ,and this HERE!
This version is a much improved version sound quality wise.

Anyone got the mythical christmas day appearance on bootleg?

Track Listing:

1 Theme
2 Low life
3 Belsen was a Gas
4 Annalisa
5 Public Image
6 Sod In Heaven
7 Attack
8 Public Image (Encore)

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Anonymous said...

Ive got a vinyl bootleg copy of that gig. From Grego in sunny New South Wales, Australia.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit sorry mate. Its the Boxing day gig bootleg Ive got. Sorry.

Jonny Zchivago said...

No'll turn up some day.I know a recording does exist somewhere.....i'll be posting PiL at the Futurama festival in Leeds 1979, soon.Along with the expanded 3CD version of Metal Box.