Saturday, 20 December 2014

Various Artists ‎– "De Wassenaarse Slag" (Clogsontronics ‎– SG-005) 1984

From Störung's label appeared this rather good compilation,awash with very mid-1980's production values. Digital reverbs,soul-less drum machines,the odd fretless bass twanging, and singing that wouldn't have been out of place on a Classix Noveaux B-side. All this sounded very futuristic in 1984,then it didn't, now it does again,in a retro futuristic kind of way.
But, this had to be included because of the title,which is the best accidentally amusing label since The Flamingo groups classic Iron curtain pop masterpiece,"This is our Soul". Slag may mean battle in Dutch,according to Google translate,but where I come from its a woman of easy virtue and low morals. Arse is self-translatable, and wassen came out as 'washed'.So this is called "The Washed Arse Slag" as far as I can, and want to, see. No accurate translations are needed thank you Dutch persons out there.


A1 Final Unit Hypocritical
A2 Bell's of Home Fall Down
A3 Burma Chinese Lessons
A4 Marge and the Marvellous A Distant Dance
A5 Lancaster Tonight
B1 Störung Empire SX
B2 Risk and Scandalls Drizzle
B3 Perfect Vue They're Watching You
B4 Ensemble Pittoresque The Mouthshut

DOWNLOAD and wash your arse you slaaaag HERE!

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