Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Ensemble Pittoresque ‎– "For This Is Past" (Clogsontronics ‎– SG 003) 1984

A period piece of dated minimal electronica from the Flock of Seagulls/Japan type of futurism that anybody with any taste hated in 1984,but now sounds quite strange in a good way. Everything precisely sculptured and in its place with no surprises. Analogue tape had been cracked to a point of sterility,but even that sounds quaint in its misguided march to a misguided form of perfection. A sound of a time where tech began to replace effort and ingenuity with the latest labour saving devices.The only microphone used was for some dodgy vocals,and the drums were programmed on a 'drum computer'! This sound is as identifiable with 1984-86 as flanged vocals are with 1966-8. But with the distance that time gives us,one can now appreciate it as something interesting now the fog has lifte; For this is the past..
(Did i say i like the Flock of Seagulls?)


A1 Better Life's 4:06
A2 The Art Of Being 3:58
A3 Auratorium 5:26
A4 Artificials 3:06
A5 O.B.W.T. 5:09
B1 Maitre Satori 4:06
B2 Building Brains 2:33
B3 Lovesong 3:35
B4 Ash Grey As Sunday 3:49
B5 Reichsdorf Room 6 4:37
DOWNLOAD this that is past HERE!

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Unknown said...

nice one. my older brother used to play there music alot in the 80's.
i completly forgot about them later on. they were quite successful here in holland. thx for sharing