Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Nick and the Nod - " Den Besten ep" (CHICKEN SHACK RECORDS CSRT010) 2022

Yes it's a modern era vinyl revival Nu DIY release on Bandcamp wot i'm doing here innit?
It certainly looks old skool DIY,with swathes of vintage DIY post Jamie Reid artwork...never bettered in my opinion.I wouldn't complain if every record had a cover like this Mo Fo, 'cus I'm a stick in the mud nostalgia peddler.......nowt wrong with that, 'cus i happen to think that a Francis Bacon painting should always remain a Francis Bacon Painting,and its imitators are just enlightened souls who know it cannot be bettered.
Can anything from the first five or six Fall albums ever be bettered?.....I severely doubt it fucking big time Boss. So, sadly, as we cannot count on any new Fall material being produced anytime soon this side of the great supernatural divide, then we must rely on the living to fill the void, and Nick and the Nod make a very listenable living version of a Fall demo tape,witha cheapo drum box replacing the irreplaceable Karl Burns.
"Solo Griswold", apart from reminding me of my now kaput Mutt, also called Griswold,reminds me very much so of the Track "Two Librans" from latter,early naughties period Fall "Unutterable" LP.....which suggest this guy or Guys have been listening to records while they wrote this very attractive package....always a fatal blow for self identity.
I think i did a review for that Posh southern version of the Fall who reckon they are DIY itself,The Cool Greenhouse.I did encourage them i suppose,and i'm gonna encourage this bunch too.
I mean, the word 'Kulak' is crying out for the M E. Smith treatment.I'm not sure that the man himself ever got there first or not?
Anyway, you scrounging illegal downloading bastards should get over to their bandcamp site and buy the remaining vinyl forthwith ,before its gone,...they were too kind to send me a clear vinyl copy for review purposes.....call it bribery,but i accepted it....and it had no bearing on my impartiality whatsoever .....even in a jury at a Trump trial I would remain impartial....er...well maybe not......he could be proven as innocent as the virgin mary and i'd still find the cunt guilty of anything...you name it...he did it!
Anyway, you can download it for 'F' all by clicking the link below,or better still get one of the strictly limited vinyl edition of 30,by clicking the very same bastarding link!?
Oh Yeah...this is a deal clincher...i got a free Chicken Shack Beer mat included in my bribe package...these are the kinda folk I like.

1.R. Santos 01:33
2.Kulak Point Bliss 02:00
3.Face 01:39
4.Solo Griswold 03:27
5.KPBF 00:55


Richie Muster said...

Thanks Jonny. Not heard these yet but they have to be better than that Orizont car crash. Dear gods, i'm still wiping the grease off my laptop from that spill.

Smollett said...

Never heard of them....obviously an absolute fantastic band. Downloaded their output on bandcamp yesterday....their album is brilliant as well. The Fall, Gun Club, Velvets....everything's there. Breathtaking! And more: these are really great musicians who know exactly how to use their instruments. 'Knackig' as hell! Can't believe that I couldn't find any reviews on the net. Thanks a million times for this special entry.

Martin from Germany

Borealiscape said...

Great issue thx. The spirit of MES lives on.
By the way, it is quite intriguing to read what Mark did say about Russia one cannot read it in English wiki. By considering the Russian wiki he did say only the USA can withhold Russia and the bombing of Russia would not be a bad idea at all because of seeing what Russians have done with occupied territories like East Germany (DDR) by degenerating them into a desolate, mirthless era like Middlesborough.

Jonny Zchivago said...

A wise man indeed was MES. Can't disagree with bombing Russia...trouble is we should have done it when they didn't have any nukes after the end og WW2.We could have saved countless lives by nuking Stalin into submission,imposed freedom and therefore avoiding the cold war...too late now innit!
My Father came from Middlesbrough....it was certainly mirthless,and desolate,with an under achieving football team.

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