Monday, 14 November 2022

Inner City Unit – "Passout" (Self-Released Cassette) 1980

Yes, Nik Turner dies,so a  tribute post is almost obligatory in this day and age when celebrities are treated as friends and family more than yer actual friends and family are......that is,if you have any friends and family,which is doubtful if you're reading this.
I never saw Hawkwind with Turner in the line-up, but i feel as i must make a contribution to the memory of anyone who was in Hawkwind up to about 1980. Although I don't think I did anything for Lemmy, or the electronics one. I figure they were rather important, if the adjective 'Important' can be applied to anything 'Pop'. I didn't even really like any of the albums that Nik Turner was on, other than possibly Space Ritual. I'm strictly a Quark Strangeness and Charm man, flesh and blood.
Hawkwind, in all their era's and offshoots, we go again..."important"? They had obvious DIY qualities, and,more importantly they had a nude dancey lady with pendulous breasts, so obviously somethings gonna stand up to attention within a teenage boys body....that's right, his Ears!
I thought they were hippies until i saw them on Marc Bolan's kids TV show doing "Quark Strangness and Charm"....and Marc liked them, so that's good enough for me......but, again, Nik Turner wasn't in the group by then! Quiet a disagreeable fellow I hear, was Nik, so he had to go.
Therefore, we have Nik Turners Inner City Unit, who made their own cassettes in their early days, and sounded like one of those trendy 'punk' groups!? Although, noticeably,unlike other 'punk' groups with a saxophone in the line-up, Inner-city Unit got away with NOT being labelled Jazz-Punk, along with X-Ray Spex...and er.....Theatre of Hate?......and Neon Hearts...and....oh, in fact all punk groups with a sax except for The Cravats!?
They did some 'punked up' versions of Hawkwind Classics,such as Masters Of The Universe, and Brainstorm,but don't hold that against them.....leave that for the obligatory 'Punky Reggae' number that ends side 2....terrible.

RIP Nik Turner of ICU and Hawkwind,aged 82 !? That's older than Macca and Ringo!?


A1 Space Invaders
A2 Watching The Grass Grow
A3 Polly Ethylene
A4 Solitary Ashtray
A5 O. B. City Muse
A6 Brainstorm
A7 Cybernetic Love
A8 Cars Eat With Auto Face
B1 Fallout
B2 Nuclear Waste
B3 Master Of The Universe
B4 Amyl Nitrate
B5 Help Sharks


Bizango said...

If you like Space Ritual and Quark try Atomhenge. It's an odd lineup where Bob Calvert is out front with Nik back to skronking and flauting. Probably not the best performance they ever gave but it's not terrible and it sounds pretty decent.

northfieldhat said...

Hawkwind seem like a burger loving Gong

Steve said...

Best intro paragragh you've EVER posted. Thanks man, you're a fucking GOD.

Anonymous said...

No, older than Macka yes. Ringo bornn july 1940, Nik Auhust 1940. Get your facts rihgt.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks Steve...yes I am a God.

Anonymous I'll get my facts right if you get your spelling

Anonymous said...

no mention about the Imperial Pompadour "Ersatz", one of the best LP ever !
allez, on t'aime quand même ...

Anonymous said...

I saw Hawkwind when Turner was in the group, roller skating around the stage and annoying the piss out of everyone else up there by colliding with them and playing all over their solos. Everyone in the audience thought he has great, but if I'd been in a band with him I'd probably have chucked him out too. Having said that, Inner City Unit were a much better bet for a night out in the mid-eighties than Hawkwind were by that stage. Also I met him on a couple of occasions, and he was a thoroughly kind and decent man who had time for anyone. You can't say that of many people, and of hardly any rock stars.

Anonymous said...

Hi most often I have my spelling right. As for something else: you had some diy punk/hardcore/new wave from The Netherlands and a lot of other countries. Do you have, by any chance, BGK either with Jonestown Aloha or with Nothing Can Go Wrogn?