Thursday, 19 November 2020

ZOG -"ZOG NOT ZOB !" (Year Zero Records YEAR 049) 2020

 More shameless self-promotion with another 'new' ZOG album......this one's my personal favorite as it 'appens. A more ambient rock approach might I say?

Another lovely album of noisy improvised avant rock from Anglo-French Drums and Bass duo, ZOG.This one has slightly lengthier pieces than usual,but ultimately more rewarding.

ZOB is a french slang word for a penis, which ZOG frequently gets mistaken for....oh how we laugh everytime some clever dick says that...hahaha!

Personel: Christophe Medina....Batterie Jonny Zchivago.....Bass/samples Tracklist: 1. Non-Exist-Ent 19:26 2. This Is Madness 18:39 3. Semen Is Another Word 19:42

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Hey, if you don't shamelessly self-promote, who will? I have it playing as I type and I think I'll let it play right through, something I do less and less these days, so I guess i must like it.