Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Astral Social Club - "#3" (Self-released CD-r) 2005

I found this important piece of information in my spam section, which i think sums up this experimental drone noise variety performance rather adequately.....also I've ran out of superlatives for anymore Neil campbell projects so here's something as surreal as the music....behold the wisdom of Dr Olhia.....

Relanes Ihab said...

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Please note this isn't me saying this, its Relanes Ihab....my penis is 4 inches soft and 2.65" hard, i'll gice you the radius later on so you can work out the circumference if you have nothing better to do.....whatever that could be leaves me speechless??


1 Untitled 8:30
2 Untitled 2:45
3 Untitled 3:33
4 Untitled 3:56
5 Untitled 1:20
6 Untitled 7:11
7 Untitled 1:26
8 Untitled 15:16


Lizard Johnny Jewel said...

I gave this a whirl and my pee-nus shrank! Was this ripped from a 3" cdr?? PLEASE POST a 12" ASAP, or some comforting words.

Post Punk Monk said...

Hey man. Its fantastic to see that you're still at it. Biting away at the underground undercurrent in this day and age. With all the spotifies and terminal cancers. I enjoyed your blog in the past and will continue to enjoy it as my body slowly collapses onto itself.

Once upon a time i made a similar music blog. Its dead now. Today i tried to continue the mission and start posting obscure stuff again. check it out: http://post-punk-monk.blogspot.com
I will post a lot of really obscure stuff from the Nordic countries. Just to show off. Hope you can find something you like.
Keep up the great work, man!

Henk Madrotter said...


Here in Indonesia we had the famous Ma Erot (mama Erot), she enlarged penises with pieces of bambu and from what I understand very hard massages, you would go there, and then they had different sizes of bambu and you could choose the size of penis you wanted, people here swear that it worked, but I also heard that later on you might have this large penis but you wouldn't be able to get it up anymore because of all the internal damage :)

I knew a Dutch girl here at one time and she had this story... She got together with some Indonesian guy and it turned out he had a penis the size of a match-stick, for real!! And when he wanted to enter her he ejaculated prematurely... She then found out he was also married so it was a one time thing..... How come??? Or... how cum??? Must've been his hair-do....

What a world we live in!!!!

Saw a show this week, it's called "90 Day Fiance" had me in stitches, I was laughing so hard I though my belly would burst, seriously, look it up, it's the biggest freak parade ever :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

A few points to answer from the above comments....1/it was a 5 incher...cd-r that is...2/ keep up the junk post punk monk.....3/ a penis the saize of a matchstick is what i asked Dr Oliha for.I gave him 8 grand up front and i've still left with a prematurely ejaculating 2.65 incher.

I'm so upset that i'm gonna watch "90 Day Fiancé" in a loop.

Henk Madrotter said...

You will be much the wiser! Mind you it's an absolute shit show about nothing :)

Anonymous said...

Track 5 is missing

Juan Schoch said...

Track 5 appears to be missing.