Friday, 14 April 2017

Unseen Terror ‎– "The Peel Sessions" (Strange Fruit ‎– SFPS069) 1988

Here's the legendary Peel Session by Unseen Terror, with guest vocalist Mick Harris on lead growling.
This benefits from having real drums as miked up by a real drummer/ producer, Dale Griffin.This was a lost art in 1988, forgotten in favour of samples and drum boxes.
Unseen Terror were more or less a studio band, and only played live once as far i can remember; so this is where they were at their very speedy best.
A classic.


Incompatible / Burned Beyond Recognition 2:25
Oblivion Descends / Divisions 3:45
Voice Your Opinion 3:10
Strong Enough To Change / Odie's Revenge / It's My Life 3:55


Unknown said...

always thought strechheads stood out from the end of the eighties crowd a bit, and dawson ushually comes to mind in the same breath as a sort of second removed traveller cousin.
seriously though, have you got any 'nice' music - I do like a bit of melody with my noise.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Stretchheads annoyed me a tad,with their full on-ness, believe it or not.
On the subject of 'nice' music....thats probably for other blogs,and for me to play in my non-public downtime.
Melody exists here if you dig....there's a few This Heat numbers which have melodies; then there's The Cleaners From Venus, who are wall-to-wall melodies, rivaling Ray Davies in songcraft.