Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Cravats - "The BBC Sessions 1979-1982" (a Die Or DIY? Compilation)

The Cravats were one of those often ignored 'Peel Bands'; the ones the DJ seemed to favor and benefited from regular invites to record a session for the BBC.
So they managed to squeeze in four sessions between 1979 and 1982.
The first three sessions were classic cravats, but the fourth features a changing line-up and signaled the the end for the group. Soon to morph into The Very Things; who weren't very good.
These sessions, however feature great alternate versions of such post-punk classics as "Rub Me Out","Precinct" and "You're Driving Me".Who could possibly want for more?

Track Listing:


2-Who's In Here With Me
3-Pressure Sellers
5-Live For Now

7-In Your Eyes
8-Triplex Zone

9-You're Driving Me

10-Ice Cubists
11-Rub Me Out

14-The Station
15-Working Down Underground
16-There Is No International Rescue
17-Daddy's Shoes


jonder said...

Thank you for compiling this and sharing it!

pinkie said...

Nice one. Cravats current incarnation going strong, w/ the line-up of Shend, Viscount Biscuits and Svor Naan completed by a great rhythm section of Rampton Garstand and young bass-player Joe 91, all now based in Brighton. Brilliant live, and have released two recent singles with an album on the way at some point. Thoroughly nice chaps too they are.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, I do remember Peel saying that The Shend gave him his business card, and it said 'the Shend - a thoroughly nice Chap'...or words to that effect.
I am envious of some of those stage names however..Viscount Biscuits and Joe 91 being particularly fine.

Wicka Mahn said...

Took a notion to compile The Cravats Peel Sessions, no need, you've done the job for me and some.
Thank you very much for this excellent compilation and a round of applause for your excellent posts. I continue to be educated and inspired by your selections.
And there was I thinking I knew it all............hardly!

Cheers, keep shining n smiling n posting.

Wicka Mahn!

Jonny Zchivago said...

The Wicker man happens to be my film of preference, so thumbs up for the pseudonym.Love that soundtrack!
A round of applause for the fact you are a Cravats fan.
Inspration is the name of the game round here...hopefully some young types are inspired to make interesting sounds and rise above the mire.I may sound hopeless but I still have a morsel left.